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The end of the world. Frames: Portugisiska filmdagar. Klarabiografen

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The end of the world

Frames – Portuguese Film Festival


A portrait of the daily lives of young people living in a new-built estate on the outskirts of Lisbon. School is a joke and there's no work to be had anyway, so the girls try to have fun as best they can. The end of the world unspools its day-in-the-life observations in an incidental and unpredictable fashion with improvisations and open-ended storytelling creating authenticity.

A piece of modern day cinéma vérité.

Genre: Fiction
Längd: 63’
Land: Portugal
Produktionsår: 2013
Text: English
Tal: Portuguese
Orginaltitel: Um fim do mundo
Regi: Pedro Pinho
Medverkande: Eva Santos, Iara Teixeira, Indalécio Gomes, Manuel Gomes
Distributör: Vende-se Filmes
Visningsformat: DCP
Mer information: http://www.framesfestival.se/films/the-end-of-the-world





17 februari 2017


  • Ordinarie:80 kr
  • Pensionär:50 kr
  • Studerande:50 kr


(klicka för att filtrera i kalendern) Film, Klarabiografen

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