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Anna Scholz
Foto: Daniel Stigefelt


Natura Dentata

March 17–June 18
Gallery 3

Art and fashion in a dark embrace

A picnic in the grass. The wind in the leaves. Sweet-smelling wild flowers. Glades full of berries and mushrooms. Birdsong. Sunset. Shades of green. Signs of wildlife. Enchanting northern lights. The Nordic feeling for nature involves an almost spiritual relationship to the forest, the landscape, the water and the animal kingdom. We go fishing, camping, swimming, trekking in deep snow. We see the seasons as an asset, and turn to nature for joy and relaxation. Like a paradise. But nature is not just a friendly source of recreation, comfort, safe adventure and recovery. Nature is also a force that lacks empathy, that takes over, and harbours danger.

For Lamija Suljević the forest is either a hiding place from soldiers, or a gaping green grave. Her meticulously hand-sewn collection was created as a process of coming to terms with the genocide in Srebrenica. War and threat are also tangible in the garment sculptures of Björn Kjelltoft and Paulina Wallenberg Olsson. The ability of birds to cross borders, and the ringing of species, has long interested Henrik Håkansson, who presents a different kind of wildlife movie here. Explosive and frightening. The jeweller Märta Mattsson’s strategy is to approach what frightens her the most: dangerous bugs. This love-hate relationship to the outdoors is shared by Ragnar Persson, who draws gloomy forest hollows we should avoid.

Anna Scholz takes us to a children’s fantasy world, populated by capricious centaurs. And in Jan Davidsz de Heem’s 17th century, nature is anything but natural; the elements in his vanitas paintings rarely come from the same place, or even the same time. In her voluptuous composition, Anna-Karin Brus adds a bit more authenticity to her collages with lethal bacteria. The end, death, is also present in the film by Martin Bergström and Thomas Klementsson, which deals with uncomfortable growth and decomposition, when life ceases. And the designer Minna Palmqvist incessantly explores culture’s attitude to the body given to us by nature. In Natura Dentata, art meets fashion in a dark embrace. Welcome!

Karina Ericsson Wärn

Head of Art/Design and Fashion

The exhibition was produced by Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

Our thanks to all contributors and to the staff, workshops and studios that helped create this exhibition. Special thanks to private collectors, Moderna Museet Stockholm and Uppsala County Council.

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Pettson & Co.

March 11–September 10
Gallery 5

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